GPI set to unveil the 1st annual American Poker Awards in early 2015

Los Angeles, California – The Global Poker Index is proud to announce the introduction of the poker ranking authority’s first annual American Poker Awards, to be held in Los Angeles on February 27th, 2015.


Modern poker was arguably born in North America, yet this region – the largest single poker market in the world today – has never rewarded the achievements of its top players and industry contributors in a structured way. The European Poker Awards has filled this need across the Atlantic, but without a North American counterpart a large degree of recognition felt missing. The American Poker Awards were created to remedy this exact gap within the poker world, one GPI believes must be filled for poker to continue on in its evolution into a mainstream pastime.


The American Poker Awards, together with GPI’s recently acquired European Poker Awards, represent a global initiative on the company’s part to bring due recognition to thepoker world’s best live tournament players and biggest industry contributors on an unprecedented scale.


As one of the game’s foremost benefactors GPI believes that among the best ways to promote the growth of poker is to push the community as a whole – players, fans, and operators – into the limelight together. The company is more than happy to make the investment to make this a reality, and the rollout of a legitimate, impartial awards ceremony in North America is the next logical step in that exact direction.


As GPI founder Alex Dreyfus explains:


“The European Poker Awards have set a benchmark of success and the American Poker Awards will follow in its footsteps, featuring a similar structure that employs expert nomination panels and independent juries to decide winners, and best players determined impartially using GPI scores. This is a game-wide celebration too – we’re not just looking to reward players and contributors, but everything from North America’s best poker venues and poker events, to major online initiatives and game innovations, among others.”


The decision to hold the American Poker Awards in Los Angeles was an easy one. The city is already home to some of the world’s most iconic ceremonies – the Oscars, Grammys, and Emmys – and GPI believes Poker deserves no less.


The American Poker Awards will be more than simply a yearly rendezvous for the North American poker industry. GPI is gearing up to run a Charity Poker Event alongside the ceremony designed to support charitable causes as well.




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